Galactic Spectrum is mainly based on the Multiwavelength Milky Way poster by NASA. You can view this poster  here.

Another invaluable resource for this application was this spectacular panorama of the Milky Way galaxy by European Southern Observatory and Serge Brunier.

Galactic Spectrum lets you explore our galaxy’s secrets hidden across vast electromagnetic spectrum: star forming regions, ionized gas clouds, supernova remnants and neutron stars. Main visual content is derived from several space and ground-based surveys, many of which are available through the Astrophysics Data Facility and the Astronomical Data Center at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.


NASA Milky Way


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Ventuz actually consist of three different tools: Ventuz Designer, Ventuz Director and Ventuz Runtime.

Ventuz Designer is a design/content creation environment that we use to design and export our presentations. Ventuz Runtime is an execution environment for presentations made in Designer. Ventuz Director is used for playout control of content created in Designer. Director is basically a remote user interface and is mostly used for broadcast graphics control.

Our presentations don’t need Ventuz Director as they all have built-in interfaces and are controlled with standard input devices like mouse or keyboard. Runtime is the only component our presentations use – and it doesn’t require you to manually setup anything as Runtime is always automatically started once you double-click and start our presentation file.

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