Fun With Mathematics

Our daily lives are guided by mathematics! The recent developments with Covid-19 pandemic show us that understanding simple yet powerful mathematical principles that drive infectious diseases through population removes many uncertainties that arise due to seemingly unpredictable and chaotic events around us. That’s why we created several games based on simple model of disease spread. […]

Ventuz 5 is out

The new version of Ventuz is released. Free personal learning edition (PLE) is available for download at Ventuz homepage. The software had a complete overhaul and is now more artist-friendly than previous versions. For instance, Ventuz elements like viewport nodes – that were perhaps too confusing to users that had no computer graphics background are […]

It’s ON!

Welcome to Pixelibris!   This part of our website is reserved for news, announcements and -hopefully- various tutorials that will help you contribute to our projects.