LEVEL 1: Activity game for kids

Required mathematical skills: none or elementary

This version of the network game can be played as an indoor activity game. The required mathematical skill is none or elementary understanding of numbers and summation.
Activities consist of players walking around if they belong to a healthy group and sitting down in groups if they are “infected”.
Each player has a dice to roll when game requires them.

How To Create a Network

To play this game you need to construct a network.
Setting up a network of social interactions between people can be a mini-game in itself.
You can do it in three ways:
Setting a network through a mini-game where players create their own a network by swapping papers with their names.
Designing a network by hand: connecting nodes with edges in interesting ways or by observing some social behavior of people around us and trying to replicate it with network.
Choose your network graphs from our list of examples.

Download The Material

PDF - Network Game

Indoor activity game that educates about infectious disease spreading through a network of contacts between players.

  • Version 1: Also contains a description of a mini-game on how to create a network graph.
  • Version 2: Contains a description of a mini-game on how to create a network graph. This version also contains instructions on how to use a histogram to follow the game progression.
  • Version 3: This is the version without introductory network creation mini-game and without histogram instructions (use the Supplement linked below to create a network graph).

PDF - Supplement: Create a Network Graph

This PDF contains instructions on how to create a network graph required for the virus-spreading games.

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